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I am a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist with practices in midtown Manhattan and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

I started my career 15 years ago working in New York City public schools, counseling and educating high school students about relationship abuse and healthy relationships. This, combined with my training in couples counseling at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy’s Family and Couples Treatment Services program, has helped me become a relationship expert. I am currently finishing my studies through the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes which has increased my capacity for providing quality couples sex therapy.

My practice concentrates on helping individuals and couples realize the life they want to be living by focusing on the factors that impact one’s ability to find and maintain a healthy relationship. Whether you are feeling anxious, depressed or have a sexual issue; this is often impacting your relationship satisfaction. My office is a welcoming and accepting place to address these issues and build greater satisfaction in your life. I am also LGBTQIAA, CNM, and kink friendly. Please come as you are!

I bring a sense of humor to the work as well as being a more active therapist. My style is eclectic with a focus on narrative, relational, and object oriented therapy with some IMAGO and neurobiological influences. 



Therapy SErvices

Individual Therapy

Clients come to me for various reasons. Whether they are trying to identify and break out of circular patterns of behavior or coming for support during a life transition, individual therapy is a great place to get support and gain insight into one’s feelings and behavior. Many people come to therapy after a difficult break-up, to help develop better coping strategies around anxiety and feelings of sadness, as well as to better understand how their past influences their present life. 


Couples Therapy

Couples come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I work with monogamous couples, consensually non-monogamous couples, as well as polyamorous relationships. Couples come to me at various stages of relationships. Couples therapy can be premarital or non-marital, marital or post divorce. Through couples work, clients can focus on building healthier lines of communication and work on increasing empathy in their relationship. This can be helpful when negotiating big changes in a relationship such as marriage, opening up a relationship or major life events like the birth of a child or dealing with loss. Couples therapy can also be a place for some clients to end the relationship on a positive note. 


Sex Therapy

Sex is an important aspect of one’s life. Clients seek me out for numerous reasons related to sex therapy. It can be a useful tool in addressing sexual issues that are individually based or related to a couple. My goal is to help my clients achieve more satisfaction in this area. That could come in the form of addressing desire discrepancy in a relationship, working on communicating needs, or exploring a sexual outlet or relationship style that may be new territory. I’m here to help! My office is a place to talk about your sexual concerns and/or goals. 


Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a great way for people to get support and interact with others.  This can be a powerful way to learn more about oneself through group dynamics. It can be especially helpful for people who want to work on better understanding patterns in their interpersonal dynamics. My area of expertise is building groups for women who are struggling between where they are and where they thought they would be in life as well as men's groups that focus on dating. 


Therapy can be an affordable option for some or a supplement to their individual work. 



I see clients at two convenient locations in midtown Manhattan and Greenpoint, Brooklyn


345 7th Avenue, Suite 1602 | New York, NY 10001


252 Java Street, Suite 218 | Brooklyn, New York 11222



Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions regarding my services.

I can be reached at 347.946.0885 or you can email me at zoeoentin@gmail.com

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